3 Reasons why you shouldnt book a boudoir shoot written by Kayleigh a female boudoir photographer and owner of boudie beauty boudoir photography located in gloucester, ma empowering women in boston and new england

3 reasons why you shouldn’t book a boudoir shoot.

Many of us talk about why you should book a boudoir shoot but let me tell you a few reasons you shouldn’t.

1. As a gift for someone else.

Even though boudoir albums make a great personalized sexy gift for your special someone, it should NOT be the ONLY reason you book your shoot. This one is for you!

Dark and moody photo of a beautiful women wearing a green lingerie set. Photo taken at Boudie beauty boudoir photography studio located in gloucester Massachusetts empowering women in new england and the greater boston area

2. You're not willing to invest in yourself.

Boudoir is a unique experience & experiences cost a little more than your average purchase. Especially one that could be potentially life-changing and completely change the way you see yourself. Compliments are nice, but do you really SEE what they SEE? Do you really FEEL beautiful?
You know the feeling you get when you’re SO happy you can’t breathe? Boudoir is the opportunity to TAKE YOUR OWN BREATH AWAY!
The chance to see and believe that YOU ARE HOT! It’s where you find your confidence, celebrate your body & begin your journey towards a lifetime of self-love. Boudoir has done it for me and ALL women who’ve invested in themselves. Trust me, everyone who leaves the studio walks away with a giddy glow & extra pep in their step because of how fucking fabulous they feel. Don’t you want to find out how AMAZING it is to truly feel beautiful? It’s definitely an investment worth making in yourself. 
If this is something you’ve been hoping to do but never thought you could afford it, reach out, and we can talk about getting you on one of the many payment plans I offer. You’re worth it!
Best Boston Makeup artist pampering boudoir client from boudie beauty boudoir photography studio located in gloucester Massachusetts inside the sparkly dressing room during her session, boudoir experience

3. You don't like being pampered & treated like a QUEEN!

Well, if that’s actually true…then maybe this isn’t for you. But really….who doesn’t like to be pampered? The moment you book your session, the pampering prep begins! I’ll send you guides on how to get ready & pamper yourself before your session. Then, the day before your shoot, you’ll get to play dress-up with all your outfits while I tell you how amazing you look! I take care of steaming and prepping your lingerie & all you have to do is show up on the day of your session! You’ll be wined & dined while you’re beautified by my talented makeup artist. Then it’s your modeling debut, where I’ll show you how to do everything and make you feel sexy AF! I mean, who doesn’t want that?

sexy every day normal bodied woman wearing lingerie enhancing her cleavage and posing against a mirrored wall at her boudoir session with boudie beauty boudoir photography studio located in Gloucester, Massachusetts

The bottom line is, Boudoir is a transformative journey that will leave you with a different kind of love for yourself and your body.

 You’ll walk away knowing you are magnificent and have an unrequited love for yourself. You wouldn’t want to gift that to someone else or find silly reasons to avoid it. Besides, are you really going to let all these excuses get in the way of challenging yourself to do something that can change the way you see yourself for years?

Recipe for a great boudoir session

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How Revealing Will My Boudoir Photos Be?


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