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A Boudoir Session can do incredible things for your confidence if you are open to it.

If you open your mind and allow yourself to take in the experience, breathe and begin viewing your body differently. Because, regardless of how you view yourself, your body deserves respect.

During your session, YOU are in control of your body. YOU are in control of the thoughts surrounding your body, and we are your support. We open up a space free of judgment, where body standards don’t exist. We just want to celebrate you as you are. This allows you to stop thinking about what society views as a beautiful body & begins the process of a major mind shift. To start viewing your body in your own way without the world’s negative influences.

We HYPE the SHIT out of you! The. Entire. Time.

We encourage body-neutral and positive behaviors and language. Point out every beautiful aspect of you, and hope you see it too. This day is about us proving to you that your body deserves to be preserved in an image regardless of what it looks like. Your body deserves to be praised and celebrated EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!

EVERYONE has insecurities. Even if you think they’re the most BEAUTIFUL person you’ve ever seen, and there is NO way they can dislike ANYTHING about themselves. If you looked like that, you would NEVER be able to find anything to complain about.



If you think having a “perfect” body will change your feelings about yourself, you’re wrong.

That begins within yourself. It’s a mindset change. Stop thinking of what you think your body is supposed to be and start thinking about it as what it ACTUALLY is.

It’s there to protect you, keep you safe, go on adventures, cook dinner, run a business, or care for your kids.

That’s what it is for.

And that is where you find your true beauty.

Boudoir is a way for us to show you the physical aspects of your body you may shame, don’t deserve shaming. To see that your body IS physically beautiful because of its capabilities and not how flat your stomach is. To show you that all bodies are unique and, therefore, beautiful and perfect in their own way.

There is a saying that I absolutely love. I say it to my kids & myself whenever I start comparing.

I can’t find the actual quote right now but I think it goes something like this, “A rainbow and a sunset don’t compete for their beauty. They are both beautiful.”

We can’t compare ourselves to others & just because we aren’t the same doesn’t mean they are better than us. They are just different. Everyone is a different kind of beautiful. And that’s why it’s beautiful.

So are you ready to take control of your body and the thoughts surrounding it? Are you ready for your Boudoir Experience?

How Revealing Will My Boudoir Photos Be?


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photo header for a blog of a women in lingerie pulling her strap posing for boudoir photoshoot

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